Wednesday, 10 June 2009

Writeups - How effective?

Why do we find literary world to be so far away from reality ? Idealistic assumptions made in literary works envisions rational process for every action, but that seldom happens. Or to put more plainly, why do , whatever we write , differ so very much from the ground reality ?

Perhaps, a plausible answer lies in the question itself. Writing , assumes human being to be a rational animal , who takes rational decisions 24X7 , although, we all know , how rational we are. A person makes multitude of irrational decisions in his life, for which it has no answers.

A literary piece assumes the world to be made up of a known set of beliefs and patterns, or at least a world which is expected to run in that fashion. In doing so a write up restricts itself to its own limitation of incomplete knowledge of human life.

Nevertheless, literary media is far ahead of other forms of media in being closer to life and it has its own reasons for that. A literary piece doesn't require dependency upon others, its commercially cheaper to pursue, but the most important fact is that , our expressed thoughts, are primarily controlled by our language, and language acts as the guide of the unbridled ride which our mind is capable to take. Controlled by our language, thoughts get a direction to move on paper.

If a piece of writing is so imperfect by its own right, why is it revered highly? One plain reason, is that it provides alternatives to what we see around us. It guides our way towards alternative truths of life, and thus manifesting in itself the implausibility of a single absolute truth. Its for this very reason, I think one should write, howsoever imperfect it may seem to him or her. It always serves to clear up our thoughts and perception of life.

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