Wednesday, 22 December 2010

You Middle Class!

During those golden days of past, we had so many workers at home, whom we would play around with. They would take us around to places of varied locality, and also gave us the freedom from our parents’ watchful eyes. The mirth, the joy of childhood, which I could only yearn for, but never achieve through any amount of money that I will possibly earn in my life, is filled with the instances of such people. I faintly, but surely remember the “malaiwaalah” that used to turn up to our house every Saturday and Sunday, knowing that we would be around and would surely pester our parents to get “malai”. The “hawa mithaiwaallah “ too followed the routine, and all of them so beautifully created the their own space in my decorated childhood, interspersed with memories of great simplicity. They themselves  appeared in torn and wretched clothes, but never did their goods appear to degrade in taste, the taste that still sits atop my tongue, and could never be matched by any cuisine. Ah! The beauty of such memories drenches me in this sweetness. The gratitude and the generosity of these men in my life is something that will always light up my life.

Wednesday, 8 December 2010

Natural and Artificial

Natural and artificial . These two groups are worth revisiting. What is natural ? That which comes of its own? Like  trees, waterfalls, forests, animals. But what is artificial? Anything that man creates and is supposedly not " in consonance with existing order". Why , it seems, ranging from a pin to a leviathan , are all artificial. All of these have been created by application of human minds.
But , does that mean , our mind is the seat of artificial things?