Thursday, 11 February 2010

As it happened . . . - VI

"You appear to be lost. Where do you think you want to go?", the old man asked him. But he, sitting by his side kept looking in the oblivion. "You seem to me to be the affected one, the kind, lost in itself. I know where I am heading to, but you seem lost, even with me, and that's a rarity.", the old driver remarked with smirk sprawled over his face.

He didn't bother to take note of those words , yet out of irritation he blurted , " I am of the kind who has just left everything behind himself ,at the instigation of a reasoning mind which wallowed in rationality and failed to take practicability into account. And now, when I have debased myself and failed at the application of my own thoughts, I do not see any merit in it. I can't see people around, I can't go back to my old world, and most sadly, I can't think practical any more. Of your help , I am grateful, yet I would wish not to be lectured by some moronic cart driver."

Monday, 8 February 2010

A rosy click.

"What's in a name? A rose by any other name would smell as sweet". While Shakespeare attributed these lines to Romeo, didn't he arrogate complete authority of the flower to the olfactory sense exclusively. In this picture above , the ocular sense emanates and redeems its due glory.

Thursday, 4 February 2010

A revolution for men.

We urgently need a revolution . One that would free us from the troubles and tortures of an oppressive authority.Who are the perpetrators ? They are everywhere , even in your own house, just as in mine. And we are victimized , by them, not only for our time but also in our thoughts .
It's been too cliched to talk about the oppression of women against men, you heard me right, women against men, yet its worth raising one's voice once again. None of the voices raised have been powerful one, although . Why, don't you know the weapon of mass oppression? Television sops, of course.

Tuesday, 2 February 2010

Bangalore Nights.

Bangalore nights are special, especially since it's the representative of the pristine city , uncrowded and unpacked. What gives the feel of heaven more so is the cool climate of the night, the breeze blows gently against oneself and chills him. It's so special since you can drive on road , hassle free.

Tonight (Sunday ) was one such beautiful night. Moonlit streets, cold breeze swaying you on its bosoms, and silence of a lazy road with a gusty motor racing on it. Trees on sidewalks had their silhouettes drawn up with vivid starkness. The way ahead seems to be approaching you faster than you would want it to. But, except my motor, none are in hurry. The entire panorama had almost dissolved itself in the moonlight and gentle wind caresses the tarred way ahead .