Thursday, 4 February 2010

A revolution for men.

We urgently need a revolution . One that would free us from the troubles and tortures of an oppressive authority.Who are the perpetrators ? They are everywhere , even in your own house, just as in mine. And we are victimized , by them, not only for our time but also in our thoughts .
It's been too cliched to talk about the oppression of women against men, you heard me right, women against men, yet its worth raising one's voice once again. None of the voices raised have been powerful one, although . Why, don't you know the weapon of mass oppression? Television sops, of course.

Can you dare revolt against it? And what are they after all?Wicked vamps playing around with ingenuous bahus, and saas passing quips on bahus with scorn and disdain. It takes almost an year for the story to move ahead, and then you find that there was no story at all. Ah! I am sure, if in place of Ramayana and Mahabharat of early year serials, if we would have had these bunch of buffoons prattling and fooling around, there would have been no families left at all. Why talk only ,of the perversion of reality shows like splitsvilla,when all these mushy serials are far more pernicious to the psyche of nation, and more so for us poor men, who cannot, of course override the will of their family ladies to change the channel. You can fight over it, and there have been several fights over this, cracked remote control bears testimony to that, but you can never win.

"If you can't change something, change your view about it", the famous adage goes. Believe me I did. I tried changing my view about it. But , my patience gave away by a month's time, result being that I stopped watching TV altogether.

O men of our times ! Unite against this oppression, raise your voice, not at your home,of course, but over here, and find ways. We need alternatives to entertainment,and not only that, we also need to sabotage their efforts to corrupt our minds with such serials .

Who's going to raise the voice? There isn't any commission for men to look into the matter and stop screening of these invidious soap operas.O oppressed souls! we ourselves have to find a way out of this drudgery, and mental slavery.

We need to act strong, and prove to those tormentors, what men's unity can do. Let's all stop watching such dreadful shows, not even to kill time. Let's find ways to do something different and entertaining . Let's sabotage the efforts of these soap makers.

One of the fruitful consequences shall be to stop watching TV and let ourselves into some other source of entertainment . Nevertheless , TV has been hacked , as of now, tell me o comrades ! How do I kill my time? Your ingenious suggestions shall serve the brotherhood in good stead against the oppressive regime of soap operas, and god willing , we may one day actually be able to root out this evil off the television sets.

PS: Although written in a general sense , I know there are exceptional women around who could participate in our drive against these crass tomfoolery. They , of course, are not targeted above, rather I wish they come together with us.


Aashish said...

You are blaming women! Men would watch movies and repetitive News for hours together if women dint watch daily sops(I would call them entertainment).. NEWS of recent times can be as tormenting for women.


Siddharth said...

Ah! you seem to be a "kaafir", as you cannot empathize with our plight. the issue , underlying , is that the soap operas blight your mind, more so because of their daily routine and and binding upon the viewers. Tvs are dump box anyways, its the News and other channels that provide respite from this dreariness. Its entertainment, but not for men , and I don't think women should have that prerogative over TV watching at prime time.
NEWS is an important essence of our daily life, as part of a democratic setup, we ought to be aware of the events happening around us, and movies are relaxing (of course not all).
While these soap operas have addicted or rather say spellbound the female sex. No, we cannot let that happen , come on I know you too know that! Join us !

rohit said...

i think the whole discussion took a wrong turn when it was said that we are oppressed since we are not able to watch whatever we want..its not about being oppressed.. i think we love them thats why we allow them to be happy for sometime.. use of words like "mental slavery", "drudgery","tormentors"..etc in this case is going beyond harsh.. C'mon if you really think that you are a fitting character for these words "BUY ONE MORE TELEVISION" :D

Siddharth said...

Well that's called brushing the issue under the carpet. You see, I can very well pass my time watching movie on a laptop or say some other place, but the point is more about a family watching TV. If a certain soap is so virulently addictive to a group of members of your family, you are going to be a part of it in some way or other.

And if you want a demo, as Aamir would say, try blocking their slot for some days together, you will understand the addiction I am talking about.

Well, but never mind! I just hope you join us someday!! :)

rohit said...

hehehe :) ya i know its sometimes really disgusting.. but i also know that we cant force them to watch anything that we like.. As we cant develop a taste for those serials for their sake, they also cant abort their inclinations for us.. because it finally comes out for one word "entertainment".. and everyone has a different taste for it.. take children for example.. they love cartoons and we do let them watch it because we love them to see happy for sometime.. if we are letting them watch cartoons keeping our interests at stake.. it doesn't mean that we are oppressed.. we cant block any one's desire in a family.. because family stand on mutual love and understanding.. :)

Siddharth said...

Rightly said, but I would like to reiterate the central point I am making, its the addiction, which an adult should be able to reasonably avoid.

Anyways, I had written it just for fun and a little bit of frustration, wanted the readers to take it in a lighter vein!!

Yash Manwani said...

I completely agree man. I have always hated these sops. But I am lucky to have a wife who hates these as much as I do. We watch some nice movies together or read some nice books to pass our time(which we rarely get).