Sunday, 21 September 2008

The 25th Birthday

With a tick of clock at midnight I turned 25. What did I say ? I turned 25. Whoop! Really! Its only when time has passed away, you find that you have lived through it. A silver jubilee of my birth, and just like that.
Like any other silver jubilee celebration, mine too was nonetheless grand, and the beauty was that I didn't had any idea whatsoever that it would turn up this way. Multitude of gifts, equally greater number of wishes, and much more love. I couldn't have had expected more than this. It was a fresh 25th Birthday of mine.

Adding to this joy was birth of my bhaanji Aahana, the very next morning. Now her fate has been attached to mine, inseprarble and inextricable fate. Not only by dates but also by stars. I have opted the name for her and it means "First rays of Sun", which she would be for many.

And in the end, just one more thing. Its when you expect the least that the best of the things happen, as was my 25th Birthday. Thanks a lot, to all of you.