Thursday, 30 October 2008

A paean for her.

A dusky beauty, on my laps.
Squirming her body, and fluttering her flaps.

Squirrel eyes and elephantine ears,
laughs at what she sees and all that she hears.

Intermittent though is her smile,
appears to be a laughter wrapped in frivolity.

Pedaling of legs and beating of hands,
weariness of days and waking of nights.

Sunday, 19 October 2008

A tryst with nature on the way to ...

It was cold inside , and tired of the continuous boredom I came out of the chamber. It wasn't hot outside, although it was humid. It was around afternoon and skies bore the signs of an imminent shower. A deafening silence prevailed in the surroundings, although there were many things in motion, which either didn't produce any noise or may be their noise was smothered by the gloom in the air. Feeling calmed, I sat at the opening to marvel at the picturesque nature lying in front of me.
Everything has been soaked in rain and bore the wetness. The panorama had a large field in front and a narrow street laid down by its side. Sun shone furtively through the clouds and embellished the scenery with its dusky shine. There were men moving along the track waiting impatiently and helplessly for the signal. In the near distance a crow perched over an electric pole and croaked intermittently. Its harsh noise served as an indication that the world was still moving. Perhaps, it served as a placeholder of human commotion for the moment and thus added to the vitality of the scenery.