Thursday, 23 April 2009

Enroute Redemption.

"He is dying there, relieve him of the pain! Expedite his transition . Shoot him!!", shouted Ark. Som quivered at the suggestion , looked around with alacrity . It was desolate, dark and dank. Evening drizzle had enveloped the entire barren expanse of land , and so has had death . Vrks was dying, bleeding profusely through his belly , inching slowly towards inevitable. He looked with wistful eyes towards Som, begging of redemption. Som didnt reciprocate his looks, and constantly looked in other direction with misty eyes. "Som, you cant alter the inexorable, go ahead! ", shouted Ark, holding Som by his hands.
Ark scampered through the overcoat of Som and took out the gun, held it on the forhead of Vrks and looked behind. "If you are not going to do it ! Someone has to do it, Som". Som turned around, took the Gun from Ark and shot Vrks on his forhead and threw the gun. "Come on Ark, Vrks rests in peace now".

Vrks lay there in pool of blood , with his redemptive gun lying by his side. As Som walked out of the scene , he reckoned that he had just shot his brother. What had led to this was an altogether different story, for now he lied there , devoid of soul, a material ball to decompose .

{To Continue ...}