Thursday, 19 May 2011

This and the other

There exists a world, beside the continuum of days and nights, and we never tend to lose  sense of it. At every time, this parallel world, walks together , like a shadow, growing and fading , as our thoughts dilly-dally between an exclusively  sensual world and an another world that is wider,deeper,and beyond this  banality of existence.

Wednesday, 4 May 2011

O Lonely Roads

O! Lonely roads! Take me Away!

    O! Barren winds hold me in your sway!

Far too long, have I been in the throes.
        Far too long, have I stretched my stay.
In your arms, let your lullaby put me to dreams,
    From your bosoms, let me quaff the streams.

Let my face, beat against the wind,
    In whose embrace, there is a lovely song to sing.
The song,
           That has been around all the while,
    While the writer,
                     Hath always run away to hide.

In that far away land, there is a home to my soul,
    In those unknown people, lies an end to my withal.
And that is all I ask of you,
    Since as we tread along I know I will bask in you.

Here come the plains wide open,
    And there far behind, lies the silhouette of hills sloping.
Parched leaves rustle, in joy of my visit,
    And I, parched as much, wish to waft through it.

And soon, there is nothing to be seen,
    Plains are gone, and winds are unforeseen.
And soon I depart too, oblivious of myself,   
    What remains only, is the pristine self.
The self, that's one with you all through,
    And in that consummation, all of them fall through.

Then suddenly, a jolt shakes me up, and my eyes open,
    The bond has been broken and the world is again forsaken.
A cry rises from my heart, to the winds that are bidding me adieu,
    And tears roll down, as I turn away from the roads, and get back to where I am due.

                                                               - Siddharth Shankaran