Saturday, 28 November 2009

Mythical Anxiety

Anxiousness and trouble are both a myth. They emerge from our conception of future, based on past patterns, and from a restricted sense of self. But, when the time passes we wonder , what was it we were worried about. In a sense, this seems to me to be a cycle of life. Even though, I very well understand that what I would worry about would not lead to the same things, I do worry. Its like a routine. Worry first and then feel relived later that you are no longer worried and the in some time pave way for another worry.

Tuesday, 24 November 2009

Swadesh - exemplified in Bihar.

I liked Swades, the movie. Reason being, the simplicity with which the movie was portrayed. It touched everyone's naive heart. Most of my friends jeered at me for romanticizing such idea, for the naive simplicity that film portrayed and for the foolish idea that an NRI could ever conceivably return to his/her native to generate electricity. I accept that I didn't disagree much with them then, yet I saw it from a different perspective.

Monday, 16 November 2009

Hope and Fear

Hope and fear are phantoms, that arise from the sense of narrowed self. When our self is understood to be as compassing the entire universe, the ghosts disappear .
But hope is what has kept the world moving , a bright morning's hope makes the night bearable , a cozy home's hope absorbs all the dullness of a day's work . How would a person face the world , if he doesn't hope for better! That better world is a myth, as serious political thinkers have realized , yet, it is as necessary as life itself. It is the mover of the life , the factor that motivates men to act. But let's take a look at the role of fear in our life . It hinders growth, demands submission and targets resignation . Fear is the antithesis of hope , a factor the inhibits men from acting.

Sunday, 8 November 2009

Words and me.

I feel like throwing in trash all that I have said and written. In this very moment, I wish to destroy all that has been created and seek recess into unknown. At this juncture of the conflict between mind and without , I feel the limitation of thoughts ,mind and reasoning. How far can these take the situation of human cause and the vicissitudes of life? How far could a literary "Happy" be pretended to be an equivalent to one that is actually felt by humans? How far could a literary word elucidate or justify the human conditions? Aren't they all just limitations , trying to get as close and personal to the human condition, nevertheless, always inferior to what actually is.

Tuesday, 3 November 2009

Too much of Coincidence!

Coincidence. Serendipity. They are catchy words and equally felicitous are the circumstances accompanying them. But , once thought about, coincidence seems to be the most impossible thing. Mathematically, what is the probability of seeing the same stranger in a big city, say Bangalore ? 1/6,000,000 ~ 0. Yet, I bet I have seen same stranger more than once, many a time. I have even seen same auto- wallahs again and again. And if this is not enough proof, then how about this one.

Monday, 2 November 2009

Inconsistent Self

Inconsistent self. Every word that I write and think about, is susceptible to inconsistency. By being inconsistent I mean, being at variance with what I am and what I actually think I am. There is a considerable difference between these two. Our choices are rational and irrational, and due to the lack of further knowledge, we term anything as irrational , which doesn't come from careful thinking. Hence , our thinking and non-thinking nature guides most of our decisions ( not all, for I am not sure about that). Which one is our "self" ? That which is rational or that which is intuitive ? But the main question is not whether, what should be defined as our self, but , whether consistency is possible or desirable in that definition of self , which acts.