Monday, 21 July 2008

That Morning ; To Office...

As usual, I was late to office and geared my Honda up to reach in time. The shortcut way to the office didn't had the scourge of traffic , however you couldn't drive fast on these roads pertaining to the uncertainty of some vehicle appearing out of nowhere. When I reached a comparatively free road and picked up the speed I saw an elderly guy in car was coming in my direction and waving his hands out. I couldn't gather his intent, however , he was trying to point out to something that was lying ahead on the road. Ignoring him I moved further, only to find a women lying on the center of the road, whining in pain. It seemed as if she has been hit by the car, but there was no trace of blood nearby. I turned back and found that the guy in the car was still waving his hands . I pressed my brakes and thought for a moment to wait over there and help that woman, who I guess was hit by the car and hence the guy in the car was pointing towards her . However , with all the zeal I thought of helping that unfortunate woman, and was about to get down from my bike, when, all of a sudden I took an another deep look at her.

Tuesday, 15 July 2008

A matter of MATTER.

Into one of those moments , time lost its count. It lost the point where it was supposed to head on to. A parched land received a jolt of happiness of the fresh bout of rain and it created in its own entirety something that had no purpose of existence. Strong breeze took over the gentle calm of the land and began plundering its assets. Such was the commotion that nothing could be heard or seen nearby. All the Ideals and Principles swayed away with that breeze.

It did occur to him that there was a purpose behind all of it, however the rationale behind it was lacking in its entirety, or perhaps, he felt, he had forgotten the meaning of existence or purpose, or may be he has just mixed it all up. The big door to a land of imagination was grimy , and he felt that with his hands.It was misty with the emotion which was dilly dallying over whether it is a messenger of joy or is it a harbinger of hell. He wished to dare and cross the door, but the barriers to the door were two long ZIP lines, bound together with probity.

Anyways, his mind had left him at this moment and the actions were those marked by the natural instincts of an animal. Moving ahead he felt a moist universe into his hands and it appeared to fade down with emotions that were still confused of its nature. He didn't restraint himself , though, at this juncture and moved on with the instincts that were sown deep down into his self, and it marked the moment when these confluence of matter lost into each other......

.....Ahh! I found it. Eureka!! Its the confluence of matter that makes us as we are and so does it creates the entire universe around us. Its way leads ultimately into the same blackness that it originated from. This seems to be a revelation to me, a revelation of truth, bounded by mater itself. Perhaps, I am the delighted one now, or Am I the enlightened one? Hold on!

What about the question of the purpose piece of matter is supposed to serve.
There ain't none. Its like the natural movement of earth, the natural singing of koels, and so is it the natural growth of ours. Creation shall invite destruction to take upon itself the responsibility of keeping the wheel spinning, which shall always continue spinning, it has no start or ends attached to it.

Wait a minute! Does this justify a life devoid of purpose? Ahh! That's not the question, its not to be asked about, nature's purpose is to be imbued into one's own self, it attends that purpose on its own, however, when you try to gauze that , its lost.Such is the subtleness of this matter.

But , wait! I am drinking the nectar now, feeding this material its food, feeding this undefined central force, and this I keep moving. I swallow the two poles of this mass and drink from its pores. I continue drinking them until the moment it takes me to an unknown height, the height which couldn't be reached individually. And then, at once my universe collapses infront of me, perhaps, I drank too much out of it. It gets lost and slips out of my hand and I am just caught unawares, longing for more.

Enough of this now! My hunger has died down, I am filled to my core. Ramifications of this devouring act doth seems to take me a step back however. But then, what is it to care about?whom to worry about? myself? There is no me. I am null and nothing. I am the void that has originated everything and its to this void that we keep commuting to and from.

Culture - A Middle Class Prerogative.

Consistent with the human tendency of classifying things in different groups ,I have hit upon the idea that "Culture" as popularly believed is the prerogative of middle class citizens of a country. The lower class denizens and the so called High class society of any nation doesn't contribute its bit to what a nation proudly holds as its culture. Its the middle class citizens who cling on to the idea of a culture that holds them together and serves as a guiding path for them through the meandering paths of life, whereas the set of people with affluence as their pillow do not show a proclivity towards the established notion of culture.

Tuesday, 1 July 2008

To you, with love!

The power of kiss,and the state of bliss ....
feel of touch ,and the joy of feat ,
all in a sight ,as you see him there
the lanky legs , the sneaky steps
the smiling face, and eyes ablaze
No , not eyes,they are rays of light
Don't dare to see ,rest they make you blind ,
Don't talk you maven!you whisper a spell
and off if he goes , silence spreads like hell.

Then on his mercy, he guides you the way
amid moon and stars,laden with gay
oh my dear! you cry this is night!!
and he tells you ,yet it is bright
fear for the night,then fear for the day
what in the world? , nothing does stay
life with languish,pain ,joy and love
life with a maths of why and how ?

live my honey,you live for your soul
for nothing in the world you find so pure
then do you know,life starts with you
you die and your life then dies with you

Up then he looks and smothers a smile,
holds her hand and stays for a while
love you dear,she cries in pain
and steps away ,efforts go in vain
life moves on and so must you
love you dear, alwaayz love you.