Monday, 21 July 2008

That Morning ; To Office...

As usual, I was late to office and geared my Honda up to reach in time. The shortcut way to the office didn't had the scourge of traffic , however you couldn't drive fast on these roads pertaining to the uncertainty of some vehicle appearing out of nowhere. When I reached a comparatively free road and picked up the speed I saw an elderly guy in car was coming in my direction and waving his hands out. I couldn't gather his intent, however , he was trying to point out to something that was lying ahead on the road. Ignoring him I moved further, only to find a women lying on the center of the road, whining in pain. It seemed as if she has been hit by the car, but there was no trace of blood nearby. I turned back and found that the guy in the car was still waving his hands . I pressed my brakes and thought for a moment to wait over there and help that woman, who I guess was hit by the car and hence the guy in the car was pointing towards her . However , with all the zeal I thought of helping that unfortunate woman, and was about to get down from my bike, when, all of a sudden I took an another deep look at her.
She seemed to be a very poor woman and there was very much a chance that she was dying of some disease and not by any accident , I reckoned that helping her would be good, but it involved risk of contracting any disease that she might be having ,as well as taking upon myself the risk of getting involved in such cases . In case something happens to her I would be caught in a fix unnecessarily.I was almost sure that she was going to die in case she isn't attended by someone now, but I couldn't muster up the courage to help her. I had to reach office too. I was caught in a fix. Just then I found one milkman coming that way. I stopped and asked him to help this woman out. At first he was confused and then he smiled and said, "Babu! these things happen daily, don't involve yourself carry on with your work", saying that he slithered past me. I was even more dumbfounded. However , at last listening to my mind I got back on my bike and drove away, consoling my heart with the thought that may be that was her destiny, maybe she was to dissolve in this universe today just as we would too, someday. But then as a human being why couldn't I help her out? I was chagrined at this helplessness. Driving away ,I furtively took a look at my rear view mirror and found that woman lying there, unattended, grimacing in pain. I took my eyes off it, but couldn't do the same with my heart. It felt heavy, very heavy at this impotency . With a dejected mood I reached office and pledged to do something about this, after all at least I could have had helped her to die in peace. I planned of having an organization that would help people dying on roads and at least provide them assistance to allow them to at least dye in peace. With numerous ideas I climbed on the lift of my office and stood in it with a despondent face, corroborating a bad morning .

Suddenly , I lifted my face up and found a very pretty face standing there in front of me. Her hairs were wet , indicating that she had hurriedly left home for office.Water drops dripped of her hair's edge, and they looked like pearls dripping off. And her face looked so smooth that I just couldn't take my eyes off it. It was an insolent behavior on my part , and too very unlike me, but I just couldn't take my eyes off her. She had a thin emaciated, slender body, long face, dry but silvery lips, dark eyes which were calmly restive.Everything about her was like an indication of beauty in conjunction with calmness and peace. She wore a salwaar sameej and was dressed all in white. The white color just made her appear as a freshly bathed angel and suited so much to her contrast, but what unparalleled her looks and gaiety was that she was totally nonchalant of it. She wasn't conscious of the effect her innocuous appearence was creating. I just kept on staring at her. A distance of four floors seemed to last for ever . She was looking down , and all of sudden , as if she felt my eyes on her , she raised her head. Embarrassed,I withdrew my eyes instantly from her and pretended to look in some other direction. I looked back at her, though furtively , through the corner of my eye, and found her smiling shyly, at which I too chuckled and smiled from within. I lifted my eyes back, looked at her and smiled back to her and so did she. It was a sweet serendipity.But not to last any longer ; her floor came up and she moved out of the lift with that same nonchalance that was so uniquely hers and I just chortled at this serendipity.

Just as I was seeming to relish my accidental rendezvous with beauty, the spectacle of myself looking furtively through the rear view mirror, of the women lying on the road , dying maybe , flashed back into my mind and I dragged back. I shuddered and my mind went blank. The lift's bell for my floor broke the silence of my thoughts and I rushed out of the lift , leaving all of them behind in it.


Shruthi said...
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Shruthi said...

wow... what a transaction in human thoughts!
proves to show people believe in what they want to and not in what they need to.
well written.