Tuesday, 1 July 2008

To you, with love!

The power of kiss,and the state of bliss ....
feel of touch ,and the joy of feat ,
all in a sight ,as you see him there
the lanky legs , the sneaky steps
the smiling face, and eyes ablaze
No , not eyes,they are rays of light
Don't dare to see ,rest they make you blind ,
Don't talk you maven!you whisper a spell
and off if he goes , silence spreads like hell.

Then on his mercy, he guides you the way
amid moon and stars,laden with gay
oh my dear! you cry this is night!!
and he tells you ,yet it is bright
fear for the night,then fear for the day
what in the world? , nothing does stay
life with languish,pain ,joy and love
life with a maths of why and how ?

live my honey,you live for your soul
for nothing in the world you find so pure
then do you know,life starts with you
you die and your life then dies with you

Up then he looks and smothers a smile,
holds her hand and stays for a while
love you dear,she cries in pain
and steps away ,efforts go in vain
life moves on and so must you
love you dear, alwaayz love you.

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