Tuesday, 17 June 2008

Moments of Truth or Truth of moments.

I wish to divide time into a million fragments and observe them each to decipher the entrenched meaning of those moments. How does each of them wish to be , and how do they decide the course of the next moment? All of it would enlighten me with a secret of nature although there runs a greater risk for me of getting baffled and confused in search of its worth in each moment.

Monday, 16 June 2008

Nocturnal Delight.

Rustling of leaves on the tree breaks the deafening silence of the night. The twinkling stars pierce the darkness. The gentle breeze wafts through the space and blows away the bunch of clouds, thereby shrouding the Moon. Squirming of its shyness moon glows brighter and bathes the land beneath into its milky white color.

A diaphanous evening.

"Such was the scene, entire panorama was shrouded in mist as if nature has worn a cellophane dress. It was drizzling, though sporadically , creating a veil of tenuous sheet , however it was overshadowed by the adamant breeze blowing blatantly from all corners as if it has lost its way, and trying to move in all the directions at the same time. I wafted through that blanket on that evening when I sped through that alleyway to meet her."

A philosophical binge

Caught into the mire of life I feel lost more than often. Every word that I hear directs me to a new path which is ostensibly truth. The pace with which the thought arrives is the same at which it evaporates, leaving me in lurch. What can an individual supposedly believe as truth , each of the thoughts expressed in this world have got their own background in which they appear to be pertinent.
And if thoughts are to come by the help of someone else’s belief then where is the originality of thought in which we ought to believe. Collaboration seems to be an essential item in the society that we live and endorse but its this collaboration that kills our individuality. We tend to behave, act as the popular opinion seems to be , we are forced to join the second hander of this world.
I seem to find that human being is supreme in himself. He is the sole owner of his life and whatever he does , he does it for himself only. Any thought that originates from his mind is his only thought and that is the supreme of all thoughts as it is his own. No other individual has any right whatsoever on even a minute of his life.
To have the courage to stand by his conviction and stand against the whole community of second hander is the sole purpose of his .

What is the thought that I should stand by. Illusions seem to bind me full circle. And I resemble a snake who has half eaten a frog and is neither able to swallow it nor does he want to let it go.

What is my idea ? What do I think? In what way I am to be what I want to be? The questions are plentiful. But its this quantity of questions that makes me believe that there is a single answer to all of them and its lurking somewhere around me.

Pining for a lost Spring

And suddenly the air begins to drift away in a different direction leaving aside the speculation of its presence. It blows with a force formidable enough to blow away castles.
Slowly it descends through the plain surface and gets lost into its own wilderness. A ripple forms on the surface and manifests itself through a smile, and then slowly it gets dissolved amidst the commotion. While these things happen, she sits there at a hand’s distance, agnostic of the ripples, the moving away of breath, the fluttering of lungs and how the 350 gm. piece of muscle beats hard trying to break loose and burst out.

Traffic Joy

One of the biggest banes of living in a big city is its traffic condition and especially if the infrastructure of the city doesn't keep pace with growth it becomes hell.
traffic in my city is really one of the most horrible ones.At the peak time we cant drive continuously even for half a kilometer.
But its very amusing to observe the set of people caught along with you in the traffic.Although all of them would seem to be in a hurry but the expressions on their face vary considerably.A busy person (Businessman) would continue talking on his hands-free about the business issues.Couples on bikes would cozy up on their seats.Babies would start jumping and looking at the faces of person surrounding them, wondering why is everyone in a hurry.
Then there would be very tired group of person keenly looking for the passages which they could take, so as to escape as soon as possible.The tiredness of the full days job reveals itself clearly on his face.Then there will be a group of peddlers trying to cross the road within the time during which lights are red ,looking apprehensively on both the sides of the road .Also visible though not apparently is their plans after they reach their destination.
This confluence of multitude of emotions at a single point is the phenomenon that could only be observed in a busy city only.Among the cacophony of noise and bedlam of chaos flows a bundle of emotions , silently ,through each person manifesting itself on their faces.

Conventional wisdom

Conventional wisdom
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Conventional wisdom (CW) is a term coined by the economist John Kenneth Galbraith in The Affluent Society, used to describe certain ideas or explanations that are generally accepted as true by the public.

Conventional wisdom is not necessarily true. Many urban legends, for example, are accepted on the basis of being "conventional wisdom". Conventional wisdom is also often seen as an obstacle to introducing new theories, explanations, and so as an obstacle that must be overcome by such revisionism. This is to say, that despite new information to the contrary, conventional wisdom has a property analogous to inertia, a momentum, that opposes the introduction of contrary belief; sometimes to the point of absurd denial of the new information set by persons strongly holding an outdated (conventional wisdom) view. This inertia is due to conventional wisdom being made of ideas that are convenient, appealing and deeply assumed by the public, who hangs on to them even as they grow outdated. The unavoidable outcome is these ideas will eventually not match reality at all, so conventional wisdom will be violently shaken until it doesn't conflict reality so blatantly.

Or, to put it simply:

The enemy of the conventional wisdom is not ideas but the march of events. John Kenneth Galbraith, The Affluent Society (1958).

The concept of Conventional Wisdom also is applied or implied in political senses, often related closely with the phenomenon of Talking Points. It is used pejoratively to refer to the idea that statements which are repeated over and over become conventional wisdom regardless of whether or not they are true.

In a more general sense, it is used to refer to the accepted truth about something which nearly no-one would argue about, and so is used as a gauge (or well-spring) of normative behavior or belief, even within a professional context. One such example was conventional wisdom in 1960, even among most doctors, dictated that smoking was not particularly harmful to one's health. Another: It might be used in this manner discussing a technical matter such as the conventional wisdom was that a man would suffer fatal injuries if he experienced more than eighteen G-Forces in an aerospace vehicle. (John Stapp shattered that myth by repeatedly withstanding far more in his research—peaking above 46 Gs).

It should be noted that when conventional wisdoms are overthrown, outranked, or outflanked by new ideas, and the new conventional wisdom becomes established in place of the previous one, there may yet be considerable remaining affiliation to the previous regime: Einstein could not let go of the older deterministic ideas and accept the new conventional wisdom of Heisenberg's uncertainty principle and the necessity of using probability mathematics in nuclear physics.

Bhagat Singh

Bhagat Singh as a revolutionary wasn't as popular as Gandhi but he certainly did have a legion of followers among the youth of that period.The actions perpetrated by him also revealed sections of Congress men with different thoughts. He was very much adored by Nehru ,Subhash and was considered as a great force in the Indian revolutionary scenario.
Though largely portrayed as an extremist revolutionary an insight into his acts clearly reveal that he was against violence as the means of attaining freedom. He said in one of his speech in the courtroom that independence doesn't come through Bombs and ammunitions, and he too doesn't believe in it but he had opted to do it in order to let the deaf ears of the imperialist rulers hear the voice of Indian masses.
One of the largely hidden facet of Bhagat singh was that he was a voracious reader and an avid thinker.He has recorded many of his thoughts in the diary that he wrote in the prison during his last days.He was an atheist and firmly disapproved of god and superstitious practices.He was very much inspired by the revolutions in Russia and their leaders.In one of his letters he also specifies that he was a very shy and confused young person in his college and when he jumped into the mission he had his own doubt as what if it fails.But then he started reading, and it dispelled his fears."We can only do our part,success and failure depends on the environment and luck",he wrote.
Bhagat singh hasn't got much of the mentioning among today's youth which he deserves very much. Not only because he was a revolutionary who gave his life for the country at a very young age but also because he was a great thinker and his radical ideas could serve as an eye-opener for many a person.I feel very emotional while writing his slogan here...
"Long Live Revolution"
Hope that we keep that revolution into our hearts and bring socialism to the fore and create an India of his dreams.

Sunday, 15 June 2008

Reviving the blog.

I feel very happy to revive the blog that I created one year back. I feel now I am more matured and willing to actively take part into the blogging activity. I have a gut feel that I will be able to make good use of this blog. At the the same time I would wish all of you to participate into this and share your feelings and knowledge. see u all there..