Monday, 16 June 2008

A philosophical binge

Caught into the mire of life I feel lost more than often. Every word that I hear directs me to a new path which is ostensibly truth. The pace with which the thought arrives is the same at which it evaporates, leaving me in lurch. What can an individual supposedly believe as truth , each of the thoughts expressed in this world have got their own background in which they appear to be pertinent.
And if thoughts are to come by the help of someone else’s belief then where is the originality of thought in which we ought to believe. Collaboration seems to be an essential item in the society that we live and endorse but its this collaboration that kills our individuality. We tend to behave, act as the popular opinion seems to be , we are forced to join the second hander of this world.
I seem to find that human being is supreme in himself. He is the sole owner of his life and whatever he does , he does it for himself only. Any thought that originates from his mind is his only thought and that is the supreme of all thoughts as it is his own. No other individual has any right whatsoever on even a minute of his life.
To have the courage to stand by his conviction and stand against the whole community of second hander is the sole purpose of his .

What is the thought that I should stand by. Illusions seem to bind me full circle. And I resemble a snake who has half eaten a frog and is neither able to swallow it nor does he want to let it go.

What is my idea ? What do I think? In what way I am to be what I want to be? The questions are plentiful. But its this quantity of questions that makes me believe that there is a single answer to all of them and its lurking somewhere around me.

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