Monday, 16 June 2008

Bhagat Singh

Bhagat Singh as a revolutionary wasn't as popular as Gandhi but he certainly did have a legion of followers among the youth of that period.The actions perpetrated by him also revealed sections of Congress men with different thoughts. He was very much adored by Nehru ,Subhash and was considered as a great force in the Indian revolutionary scenario.
Though largely portrayed as an extremist revolutionary an insight into his acts clearly reveal that he was against violence as the means of attaining freedom. He said in one of his speech in the courtroom that independence doesn't come through Bombs and ammunitions, and he too doesn't believe in it but he had opted to do it in order to let the deaf ears of the imperialist rulers hear the voice of Indian masses.
One of the largely hidden facet of Bhagat singh was that he was a voracious reader and an avid thinker.He has recorded many of his thoughts in the diary that he wrote in the prison during his last days.He was an atheist and firmly disapproved of god and superstitious practices.He was very much inspired by the revolutions in Russia and their leaders.In one of his letters he also specifies that he was a very shy and confused young person in his college and when he jumped into the mission he had his own doubt as what if it fails.But then he started reading, and it dispelled his fears."We can only do our part,success and failure depends on the environment and luck",he wrote.
Bhagat singh hasn't got much of the mentioning among today's youth which he deserves very much. Not only because he was a revolutionary who gave his life for the country at a very young age but also because he was a great thinker and his radical ideas could serve as an eye-opener for many a person.I feel very emotional while writing his slogan here...
"Long Live Revolution"
Hope that we keep that revolution into our hearts and bring socialism to the fore and create an India of his dreams.

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