Thursday, 31 December 2009

Moving ahead - III

The city precinct wasn’t too far and after walking a few miles, he was out of the city. Rain had stopped altogether now, paving way for an imminent, clear sunrise. Despite of all that he had been through, he wasn’t tired. Yet, the quietude around him, made him feel sick. Solitude is bliss, but loneliness is wearied. With divided mind he wished that he met someone around. Yet, not a soul appeared to be present, till the distance he could see.

Tuesday, 29 December 2009

Between Them - II

"You are right on both account. Providence hath had it ensured that I do not belong to the streets, and nor does the child lying here, has been given birth by me. But do you really need to know the other crass details? So long as we are similar , social standing and professional stature shouldn't matter. What transpires between us, and what originates from us is what we need." Saying that she slipped onto the bed, by the side of the baby.

He & She - I

"If there is any chance of doing it, its now. Come ! Take a jump! This will be the last jump you will ever need." He stirred. Squirmed. Gave a ponderous look around. And the laid back. How could he? No! No! Its just not so. Its not right. I am out of my mind right now! Gimme some time, to get back normal. Fantasy shall not override reality. Oh! but I cannot, I can't think straight, damage is irreparably done. But I still hesitate to take the plunge. Oh! all the pain, fear , pangs of separation. I cannot bear it all, my conscience it too weak for that. Let me try to be sedate. To sleep. To pass this time away, this wretched time, this pernicious time, this time which has stolen my sense of earthiness. Oh no! I know, there is no time. Time is just a frame in my mind. But don't embarrass me of my own idea. Its only an idea, its not me. I am different. I am wretched, I am weak , I am human. Oh no! I know, Human is all, he is power, he is creator and destroyer, he is wretched, but not without ideas. Even , if all of humanity were to stand up, right in front of me and grovel , to give myself up , I wont, yet I for myself, am so ready to give up, because I am losing to my own self. Man is power, but he is powerlessness to himself. Power to itself is not power. Its nothing. I am nothing. Oh no! what am I talking! Its all nonsense, I am a nonsense.

Monday, 28 December 2009

Crime and Punishment

Fyodor Dyostovesky , in his book, has so deftly posited the contrasting ideals that the reader, as Raskolnikov aka Rodya, keeps wondering which side is he on. It moves on like a delirium , not only for the characters but also for the reader. In the ravings and introspection of Raskolnikov reader loses himself. And yet, it never becomes predictable, and always keeps the reader guessing. Besides the ideological and psychological standpoint, the book fares well as a masterful detective novel. The language is rich and sumptuous. After reading the very first page, I knew, this is the kind of book one would love to read.

Wednesday, 9 December 2009

In an Illusion.

The story of life isn't life in the end, its a story. In describing a story what points do you put in as relevant and elucidate ?Out of the innumerable incidents , born out of desperate moments , desperate to make them momentous, a writer gleans the few which would serve the purpose of a story, one's which would generate interest and intrigue. They will either portray a simplicity, a beauty, an intricacy or something worth contributing to the story.