Tuesday, 29 December 2009

Between Them - II

"You are right on both account. Providence hath had it ensured that I do not belong to the streets, and nor does the child lying here, has been given birth by me. But do you really need to know the other crass details? So long as we are similar , social standing and professional stature shouldn't matter. What transpires between us, and what originates from us is what we need." Saying that she slipped onto the bed, by the side of the baby.

He , to some extent knew the answer, and wasn't surprised with her candidness. Rather, he stood, and moved on to the window. It was still raining heavily, and streets in front lay as desolate as ever. For few moments he kept on staring at those arrows of drops. They way these drops, traveled with an insurmountable zeal and pierced the pool of water, and thus creating wreaths of ripples, none lasted for more than a moment.In this small fraction of time, its both created and dissolved. If one were to ignore this fractionability of time, there would be no creation or destruction. As if nothing had ever happened. Were she to be such a thing in his life? Fading tomorrow as if she never appeared? It was preposterous thought however, just as many other are.

Sleep was not in his eyes, nor was the night itself sleepy. It was about to give birth to a dawn, to reassert the myth of a new day . What after all did a new day meant, flashing off and on of sun? It meant something else, something that he alone understood for the moment.

After an hour , rain had let up in it's strength, sun rays expressed their wish to brighten the land, amidst the tenuous sheet of drizzle. It was shadowy outside. He got up, took another deep look at the lady. She was in deep sleep, and so was the baby , nestled in her arms.
He dressed himself up, and moved towards the door. Willing to take another look he looked over his shoulders, but he dropped the idea and rushed out of the room. Silently closing the gate behind him he left out in the street.
The street was flooded, and desolate as last night . Light drizzle wafted together in the air. He too must waft now , and with some muddled thoughts in his mind, he left the roads of city, only to never comeback.

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kundan said...

It started with the unbaised attitude and also tells us that we should not descriminate based on the caste,creed,color.
The actor or character seems to be a thinker ,he keenly watches the things around him and goes into the dreamworld and suddenly regains himself and wants to forget everything that has happend in his imaginative world.
At the story goes you find that the character is very caring as well.He does not want to disturb the decorum or harmony of the other for the sake of his convenience.....