Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Into my death.

It is when I am mad with feverish energy, I realize that I am to be something different than what I am. Fever rushes through the head, and mind overthrows all the bindings on it. Wide expanse of free earth beckons me in her arms, and the sky above comes down to my level and consecrates me as the king of the heavens.And then, I walk through the space, the sky and the earth, with the madness playing itself on my head. I lose all the sense of people buzzing around me, busy with their chores, their slavery of spirit. I pull the curtains over my head, and pull down my eyes, yet I cannot stop seeing. Images, in varying shapes, floating around me, as if playing truly around me. I do not know, if this is the consequence of being feverish, but the vividness with which the images float around me, I sink in myself. What plays around me , however soon gets muffled with the images of love. The lady, the love, the infinity, the end. A sound erupts her name blasphemously and the vow is broken. Tears well up in eyes and all the images start floating in it. I begin losing myself, to sleep some may say, but I prefer the Otherland, the Neverland. From deep into the corner of my heart, a fairy plays its symphony in front of my fastened eyes, and I descend into her land, into her joy , into her peace. Into my death.

Monday, 24 January 2011


There are two kinds of death, one of it is called life!

Wednesday, 19 January 2011

इंतज़ार में चाँद

रोज़ मैं देखूं , चाँद खड़ा है,रस्ता मेरा देख रहा है|
फैलाए तारों की चादर, इकटक मुझको घूर रहा है|

मैं पूछूं, क्यों री चंदा, मुझमें क्या तेरा धरा है?
आते जाते , पीछे पड़े, क्या लाज शर्म को त्याग चुका है?
बरसाके  चांदनी का क्षीर , तारों के बीच राजा बना है!

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