Tuesday, 20 October 2009

A story worth not telling - Part I

Water leaked through that opening, all night. Drops gleamed in moonlight and crashed on the floor into invisible splinters. Wind was howling outside. Knocking or rather beating on the walls. Despite of it, silence was too deep in me. I felt like those sounds were coming from oblivion, far away from me, yet, their presence was never out of my senses.
I was an outcast. I was sick. Diseased. And the virus lay in my mind.It refused what it found non-tenable. It chided what it found irrational. It smirked at the certitude of rightness. All of these were part of a crime. Thought crime.

Saturday, 3 October 2009

India - a wayward polity.

Does India still hold the promise to individual liberty and life? Does it , as a state, still has the capacity to provide guarantee of life and sovereignty to its citizens? Answer seems to be mostly negative .

Thursday, 1 October 2009


Perhaps the biggest candy that the Capitalism offers is , that any enterprising person, in pursuit of his own self interest could , on the base of capital accumulated can create and utilize resources , thereby improving the standard of utilization of resources of society. This form of guarantee is offered by no other political economy/philosophy, and the persons they create are "Entrepreneurs".

Delhi 6 - A perspective

And I landed at Kashmiri gate ISBT. Climate being comparatively cooler in the early morning , I planned to take a stroll around. Very soon I was standing in front of LalQuila, which appeared more of a black quila, and the chain of history began flowing in. At this place, the fate of my country was chosen. At this place my country took birth. I wished to salute it, but eccentricity is mostly reserved for blogs and thus I dropped the idea. There were stream of visitors moving around that place, perhaps visiting the place for the first time in their life. I wondered, how many really understood the idea of nation state, or did I myself understand it? Philosophical indulgence in hot Delhi sun could be harmful for health,however, and thus I moved on.