Saturday, 3 October 2009

India - a wayward polity.

Does India still hold the promise to individual liberty and life? Does it , as a state, still has the capacity to provide guarantee of life and sovereignty to its citizens? Answer seems to be mostly negative .

Corruption of morals is the severest handicap that the nation suffers from. This vicious cycle of being corrupt to satisfy one's vested interest, has severely marred the characteristic of country. Being honest and sticking to morals is mostly viewed as a moronic or foolish thought, the thought of less intelligent ones. Morality , exists in moral science textbooks, or may be not even there in some cases. The way society has put a premium on material gain as the only moral, Ideology is no longer the idea of nation. Instead , only, that which works to further it's materialistic wants and even non-materialistic but not ideological want, is what is all pervasive .
Who is the culprit , guilty of this decay ? Society , the middle class Indians ? Not exactly. Middle class or the bourgeois class never has it's own ideology but always looks up to its leaders for the same. With the lack of a leader to give shape to their ideology, everything has turned haywire and in this process ideology has suffered a serious setback. Future of a nation is largely shaped by the political theory nation abides by, for India ,there has been a serious mix up or rather lack of any coherent political theory. Government on the one hand appears to invest heavily on social welfare plans ( NREGA ) , expressing socialist tendencies, which has served to both further bureaucratic pockets ,as well as a trickle effect to the most deprived. While on the other hand it plays puppet in the hands of few industry big wigs and has not yet been able to further the enterprising spirit of common mass. Events like deforestation for private companies have led to massive dislocation of tribal,as well as other poor, at the same time. On the secular front, the word itself has several connotations. From religious fundamentalist to minority appeasements, all are secular in their own way, while the truth being, none willing to let the idea be en cashed by anybody else . Education , both primary and higher is a mess at best.News of salary of IIM and IIT graduates take up more space in media than the concern for quality of education catered to wide swathe of Indian mass. Government's concern to improve primary education has been only flowery with no concretes .
Thus, what political theory are we moving by? None. There is no political ideology behind Indian national outlook. Only thing present is a , set of populist measures being taken on expediency basis. No vision guides the path of country. Consequence, each has taken its duty to maximize his personal interest at the cost of nation's haphazard ideology. Growth in economy is touted as the indicator of progress ignoring the more urgent measures of freedom as Amartya sen and other serious thinkers have said.
As long as we continue moving on this expediency basis, we can only expect internal chaos to get worse and , god forbid, explode one day so as to implode the framework of the nation . Urgent need of hour is a political leader with an ideology that will take our country forward in real terms. But , who would do it? As of now all are busy serving their personal ends , in turn , laying the foundation of nation's doom.

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