Tuesday, 17 June 2008

Moments of Truth or Truth of moments.

I wish to divide time into a million fragments and observe them each to decipher the entrenched meaning of those moments. How does each of them wish to be , and how do they decide the course of the next moment? All of it would enlighten me with a secret of nature although there runs a greater risk for me of getting baffled and confused in search of its worth in each moment.

On observing the minutest fraction of moment the things that we would do would be breathing air in and out, beating of heart,pumping of blood,wandering of mind,generation of numerous brain signals,birth of desire,fulfillment of desire,dejection at the failure of aspired dreams.These moments seem to be very much dependent upon each other and I find that its this dependency that brings both the joy and despondency.

Moments of victory enchants us and lifts us to a higher plain, while the moments of failure drag us back and we tumble into abyss, sometimes so deep, that it crushes the will to rise up and chase our dreams.

Let me have a closer look at it. I don't find a moment having anything to do with what we did or what we will do, however past doesth appear to be too eager to cast its shadow and future appears to drag the focus away from the moment.

We like to be someone,something and we definitely don't like losing however I find something else written over there on the empty blank sheet of each moment. The truth manifests itself to me through some axioms. We are what we have to be, we have been that since times long , simply because we can't do otherwise. Each one of us are unique in our own way and are what we have to be , but we fail to recognize that. Each success or failure that we had was what we tried to measure in others eyes, whilst if we look within our self we will find that we have triumphed at everything, and so has everyone, for their is no success or failure, there is no me or you.
Our moments are the best way to reveal these truths , go and identify yours!

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