Monday, 16 June 2008

Traffic Joy

One of the biggest banes of living in a big city is its traffic condition and especially if the infrastructure of the city doesn't keep pace with growth it becomes hell.
traffic in my city is really one of the most horrible ones.At the peak time we cant drive continuously even for half a kilometer.
But its very amusing to observe the set of people caught along with you in the traffic.Although all of them would seem to be in a hurry but the expressions on their face vary considerably.A busy person (Businessman) would continue talking on his hands-free about the business issues.Couples on bikes would cozy up on their seats.Babies would start jumping and looking at the faces of person surrounding them, wondering why is everyone in a hurry.
Then there would be very tired group of person keenly looking for the passages which they could take, so as to escape as soon as possible.The tiredness of the full days job reveals itself clearly on his face.Then there will be a group of peddlers trying to cross the road within the time during which lights are red ,looking apprehensively on both the sides of the road .Also visible though not apparently is their plans after they reach their destination.
This confluence of multitude of emotions at a single point is the phenomenon that could only be observed in a busy city only.Among the cacophony of noise and bedlam of chaos flows a bundle of emotions , silently ,through each person manifesting itself on their faces.

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