Tuesday, 15 July 2008

Culture - A Middle Class Prerogative.

Consistent with the human tendency of classifying things in different groups ,I have hit upon the idea that "Culture" as popularly believed is the prerogative of middle class citizens of a country. The lower class denizens and the so called High class society of any nation doesn't contribute its bit to what a nation proudly holds as its culture. Its the middle class citizens who cling on to the idea of a culture that holds them together and serves as a guiding path for them through the meandering paths of life, whereas the set of people with affluence as their pillow do not show a proclivity towards the established notion of culture.
It must be noted over here that I am not trying to portray any class as a morally decadent section of society rather Its an attempt to elicit a pattern of society.
In a country such as ours, Industrialists, Celebrities etc. shall be considered to be the one belonging to the higher echelons of society and I don't find eyebrows being raised when a celebrity does things that do not conform to the popular culture ( as long as it doesn't hurt the core sentiments of "culturally" enlightened section of society), and these people live with their own set of rules , trying to extract more out of life, and in the process very often clearing the bounds set by the popular culture.
While on the other side is the lower grade section of people who have no idea, as to where would their next meal would come from. For them life is a matter of subsistence and though they would hold on to popular culture most of the time ,but would very eagerly compromise with it . Labors, Prostitutes etc. , shall as per my conviction, would be placed into this category.

And holding on to the popular culture is the great Indian Middle class, which would "ostensibly" do anything but abstain from their cultural ethos. I believe, to whatever degree is the truth behind this cultural bandwagon, despite its self-exposed hypocrisy,its helm is being held by the middle class. The set of people who toils five to six days a week , has numerous plans and lives by his "cultural guidelines". The people in this category would generally be clerks,staffs etc.

This observation , although a bit objective, does not try to press on a bold separating line among them but as far as this thin line of difference is concerned , I guess you will agree with me that It does exist as elicited above.

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