Tuesday, 12 August 2008

Fear - Our bane or saviour.

Fear as wordweb describes is - An emotion experienced in anticipation of some specific pain or danger (usually accompanied by a desire to flee or fight).
However, its usually accompanied by our desire to flee rather than fight. Escaping from the situation which we conjure up in our minds as the possible outcome, is our oft repeated action. While it may seem to act as our safety valve that protects us from undertaking risky ventures, its the same factor that prevents us from breaking our shells and venturing into the road less traveled. Each fear that we have is based upon certain presumption or notion that we develop. Each fear has its own irrational logic behind it. Its this logic that comes to our mind and inhibits its power to overcome the fear. Its this logic , which has to be fought and extricated from its roots , from our minds , to allow ourselves discover a fearless incarnation of ourselves.

Try to conquer your fear by confronting it face to face and defeating it of its own logic. Each fear that we have kept nourishing within us has inhibited our growth in that direction. Its only by breaking its shackles that we can know what is it that was unexplored up til now, which was hidden from our eyes by this veil of our fear. Fail we may, but it is just one step towards breaking its shell away, if only we are assiduous in our effort .

The reward of winning our fear is unknown to us and it can be only experienced after we overcome it. We can't understand what we dont know that we dont know. Its only by treading on this land that we can feel it. Lets over come our fears. Try one for yourself today.

Remember , an unexplored land awaits there to celebrate your victory. Victory stands tall behind your fear.

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