Friday, 15 August 2008

Sweet Love!!

Love, when given a tag, loses its meaning. Its a feeling , which is so very difficult to be capture and commanded. Its so subtle that none can enforce it upon others , nor can it be felt on its own. Its like that sweet dream which fades away the moment you try to hold it. Its ephemeral.

As with all the emotions, this too doesn't last forever, but, the beauty of this ,is that it can be nurtured and developed into passion which would constantly aflame one's heart. This transition of love into passion is the phase which lets human beings transcend their limits and reach beyond it to achieve it.

This ephemeral feeling of love is what everyone encounters in their lifetime. How many times we have felt that inundation of love into our hearts while talking to an unknown person, or maybe while doing something which we wont even be able to recapitulate later. Alas! the society in its frenzied act tends to bind the feeling into a brand, into a tag of a relationship. Its no wonder then the scandals that we get to hear are the consequence of this foolish pattern. The person involved in thse scandals, furtively drank the nectar of moment under the influence of this emotion. And they are branded as scandals by the guardians of our society. However, there are those coward and hypocrite souls too , who fear this barrier of society so much , that they let this emotion fly away, when it knocks on their doors.

A very common recurrent event corresponding to the serendipity of love is generally found at social gatherings. We meet some affable person sometimes, and we just keep longing that we had spent some more time together. I have felt such serendipity of emotions when sometimes , at public places , my eyes gets caught up with a pretty lady's eyes. We exchange furtive glances at each other. And then going on with our social norms we part away without even talking and keeping that sweetness into our hearts. These moments don't stay with us but certainly the joy of these moments is what we definitely feel , without attaching a name to it. Ah!! Its that pure placid and sweet love!!

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