Friday, 15 August 2008

A tryst with an Innominate Stranger

He smiles as I do. As I keep staring at him, he gets embarrassed in some time. The smile on my face reflects on his face too, but suppressed in its content, trying to smother or feign a pain or anguish. Now, as I try to move away, he implores my presence in the scene. I turn back and stare deeper into his eyes, the request drips not from his lips but from his eyes, and drenches my soul.

"You are not to be pitied upon, you are as strong as I am, there is nothing you cannot do, look within your own self", I snarled. My words seem to have an effect on him and he tries to muster up the courage. He fills up his heart with fervor, courage and hope. But then all of a sudden, out of blue, an eerie feeling creeps into him. Its sinks him down and he falls down on his knees, begging for a way out of this perennial burden of pain and anguish.

All of my efforts go in vain and I see him fading away in front of my eyes. The words become meaningless and vague. He gets dissolved in ether in front of me and I, dejected, at yet another defeat, moved away from the mirror.


Aashish Gupta said...
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Shruthi said...

you express your imagination well! :)