Monday, 16 November 2009

Hope and Fear

Hope and fear are phantoms, that arise from the sense of narrowed self. When our self is understood to be as compassing the entire universe, the ghosts disappear .
But hope is what has kept the world moving , a bright morning's hope makes the night bearable , a cozy home's hope absorbs all the dullness of a day's work . How would a person face the world , if he doesn't hope for better! That better world is a myth, as serious political thinkers have realized , yet, it is as necessary as life itself. It is the mover of the life , the factor that motivates men to act. But let's take a look at the role of fear in our life . It hinders growth, demands submission and targets resignation . Fear is the antithesis of hope , a factor the inhibits men from acting.

How are they phantoms then ? If one is the antithesis of another at least one of them must be true. But, this notion is the result if seeing things in life as either or always . That is not true . There exists an another path , containing both hope and fear yet believing in none. That is the sense of duty. Acting as per the maxim which would stand out to be a universal law, as Kant would say. It involves only action , separated from it's consequences. Means become prime and action the sole duty , but the course of action shall be determined by the universal will of the righteous action . In this sense one becomes separate of the hope as a reason of acting and fear as an inhibitor . Only action reins supreme as per universal law.

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