Sunday, 19 October 2008

A tryst with nature on the way to ...

It was cold inside , and tired of the continuous boredom I came out of the chamber. It wasn't hot outside, although it was humid. It was around afternoon and skies bore the signs of an imminent shower. A deafening silence prevailed in the surroundings, although there were many things in motion, which either didn't produce any noise or may be their noise was smothered by the gloom in the air. Feeling calmed, I sat at the opening to marvel at the picturesque nature lying in front of me.
Everything has been soaked in rain and bore the wetness. The panorama had a large field in front and a narrow street laid down by its side. Sun shone furtively through the clouds and embellished the scenery with its dusky shine. There were men moving along the track waiting impatiently and helplessly for the signal. In the near distance a crow perched over an electric pole and croaked intermittently. Its harsh noise served as an indication that the world was still moving. Perhaps, it served as a placeholder of human commotion for the moment and thus added to the vitality of the scenery.

Everything was in one motion bar one, but the immobility was so obvious despite its absence. How can motion bring immobility? Blame it on the time ,place or blame my senses which couldn't percieve motion.Just as I was lost into a minor scuffle of thoughts a milkman came into the scene riding his bicycle. The narrow street in front broke the shackles and reveled in his joy. His bicycle rolled onto the streets , covering great lengths. A round ribbon attached to the axle of the wheel rotated along with it and changed colors with joy. Red,Blue,Green,Yellow, it changed colors with every rotation and bristled with joy. The croaking crow now only added to the disturbance created by them. The stillness was disappearing now. It started to drizzle and wind blew heavily from north, bearing the smell of earth, as the signal turned green and my train trotted towards its destination.

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I guess you are partial towards these words ... use them often :)

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