Wednesday, 8 December 2010

Natural and Artificial

Natural and artificial . These two groups are worth revisiting. What is natural ? That which comes of its own? Like  trees, waterfalls, forests, animals. But what is artificial? Anything that man creates and is supposedly not " in consonance with existing order". Why , it seems, ranging from a pin to a leviathan , are all artificial. All of these have been created by application of human minds.
But , does that mean , our mind is the seat of artificial things?

There appears to be something wrong over here. Why the bias towards natural against artificial ?
And then, isn't our thinking process itself susceptible to it? Should we question what is a natural thought and what is artificial ? Or does our mind has both the properties of being natural and artificial ?
A/C is not as good as natural cool breeze! Yeah that is right, it's because we perceive that it is so. Mind is nature, and what it does create then cannot be different from the nature itself. Art is the application of human thought to a certain end. The end achieved is a work of art.
Thus stop asking the wrong questions. Stop scorning artificial things. The question to be asked is what helps one connect to supreme within oneself . If one is "joyful" in being able to connect by listening to a recorded sound track of piano, why should he be concerned about its source and wait for some other power to play it "naturally".
It only strengthens my conviction of a mistaken, or rather obsessive good  and bad .
The seat of that distinction is within us, we just have to seek it, and when we do find it, we may see, as I do, we are all naturally artificial and artificially natural .


kaushiki said...

very nice post...!!
lovd ur blog..!!

happy writing

Aashish said...

this post reminded me of that night in madhumalay forest, when the jeep was turned off.. deafening silence and those sounds of insects..