Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Our Death!

Thus there would be deaths,
 In millions and billions,
But tell me O you!
Whence has death preceded life?

Man may tower the pinnacles of success,
 Yet he is nothing more than a death of death!

Look at this man!
He is scared of death!
He didn’t know, what was he thinking when he had life!

In the womb he lay, breathing or not breathing!
And now, he THINKS, thinks he is dying!

Transcend death my friend,
Transcend your empirical sense,
That what you didn’t experience,
When you didn’t have the capacity to weigh and judge was as equally yours,
 As is the present!

But you have to think! In thoughts lies your Man, or the Superman, if you wish!

How can you wish to jump this deep abyss of ignorance without thought?

And when you have thought it all out, you would still be deemed a fool!
Or rather a bigger one!

Thought has transformed you, but it can’t account for the moments you have lived through,
It can only guide your future, not what you have already had!

But explain will it, your past,
In light of the thought and you will jump up with joy.
“Yes I understand it now! “, and that will be the moment of its undoing!

Next moment, you will not know your present from your past or future!
All will become one and mixed!

Purge that sham! It serves no purpose!

In death you will seek to justify your life, but not in life!

Think! You have all the answers! Can you afford to ask the questions to your self, even at your own self-cost?

Mid-way or along the way, you will have an answer, but then you will not seek it!

Why bother the ambiguity, when certainty answers it all?
And what your certainty would be?

The defaults of society, the paradigms, the maxims and then you will shout out!
I am fine enough with God! But he died! Believe Neitsze! He died!

And now, you are the God!
One who forgoes his own duty to acknowledge it!

And then again,
Or rather now and then, you will hear the knock!

But you will suppress it, just as you would suppress an error!
And this is the error where your result lies!

Fail and fail again! Lose!  go on losing!
There cannot but be the victory waiting to touch your feet, at every step!

And then you will shun it! For you have grown bigger,
And victory becomes puny in front of your own stature!

Don’t you pity the dead souls trotting along side you!
Don’t you pity your own self, dying that same death?

But that doesn’t bother you, for another death of shame eats you up!
Shame!  Of what?
Individuality? Mockery? Foolishness?

What is your present then? An account of the years or the clicks of arrows of your watch!
Some debt for you to repay!

Only that, you are never out of debt, in your life and then death anyways will not be a thing worth considering!

Choose your death and in turn your life!

You have been contrived to live in awe of death, and then die in repentance of life!
Finish it! You and your contrivers will begin looking for life, once you kill our death!

Go kill it!

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Sireesha Madabhushi said...

Interesting read! Gradual rising of hope from despair..! And then, even that hope came with caution and dubiousness