Sunday, 14 November 2010

Twilight's haunt!

Why am I so scared,
when It's not dark as yet.

Sneaking through the window,
is the twilight's eery crescendo.

Silence is deafening,
and the brightness , sickening.

The heart goes bleaker,
the promise grows weaker.

Imminent is the portentous bleakness,
darkened by the faint glimpse of brightness intermingled in darkness.

The fear in me, creates a different man,
and with this twilight in myself creates a different pan.

Faces; they swim around my clear eyes,
I run into strangers and they too do not realise.

Come O! darkness, I have prepared myself for thee.
Destroy this twilight and place yourself in me.

Come to me before my senses rebel.
Come to me before I fence myself.

This milky sky haunts me, more than your formless shape,
this bleakness of hope despairs me more than I can take.

Oh! in darkness will I rise again, and be the king.
Oh! in hopelessness will I redefine my sense of hope.

Come before this bleakness impresses on me to fake the light,
come before I become fake too, to light my despondent hopes.

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