Saturday, 13 June 2009


As the sun fades, and darkness looms,
my cell stays the same, although pain blooms.

since how long has that calender not changed
though sun fades and moon wanes.

Time needs no clock here, time needs no time ,
time in this cell is all but time.

drapes filter the lights willing to pour in,
my heart filters further so none reaches my soul.

Incarcerated as I am , my captivator has eloped ,
run away taking my will and leaving me in doom.

as I wish the stars to pop up and brighten my view,
I see none but the darkness hazing all things anew.

quietness portends an imminent brawl,
which never happens , though I always crawl.

breaking the barrier of mind, I try to escape,
but there seems no way out and I retrace my path to hell.

swarm of memories drench me in pain,
yet the river dries up even before it could rain.

where do I wish to escape, I cant see the light ,
futile has been my chase , endless has been my fight.

O! darkness, emancipate me of your thrall,
let me see the light and ride a free fall.

I wonder who my liberator would be,
as it won't be thou , for you can't exist.

my body wriggles , craving for life,
I soothe it and say , this is your life.

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