Wednesday, 17 June 2009

Cricket - No Longer a Passionate Game.

We all foresighted this inevitable decay of the so called gentleman's game. However, in our necessity to have a venue which could act as a scapegoat for our daily mundane life, we ignored the onslaught on the cricket culture. Where did this decay begin after all? No such fine line is clearly evident , yet for Indian cricket this largely began during the late nineties when match fixing and other such crime came into limelight. That was perhaps one of the biggest blow to the passion that India had for cricket matches.

However, for a debacle its always a multitude of factors that contribute. Another such debilitating factor was increasing commercialization of the cricket, through endorsements and brand ambassadors from cricket world. When the players started earning unconscionable amount of money , it did affect the game and in particular, the passion of its supporters as well. On the same lines, number of matches played during an year too was increased substantially, which beyond a point, did affect the quality of game and dedication of players.

However, in spite of all these ,marketing prospects for cricket never dwindled in India and thus instead of reinventing its original passion, its underlying structure continually decayed. Now cricket transformed itself from a passionate game to just a game wherein huge amounts of money and advertisement flowed. With the growing pace of the world, Twenty -Twenty cricket, which was just biding its time in the background, arrived with full force. With such a high marketing prospect in India for this version of the game , Lalit Modi bragged the chance with both hands and started the Lucrative IPL. Players started to earn in billions, however, nature and quality of game decayed. Cricket matches, from being an important event into one's personal calendar earlier, became just an another reality show, with added drama and suspense.

Early exit of Indian team from ICC T20 world cup marks a seminal event in the history of Indian cricket. Too much of cricket and money had overwrought and and overwhelmed Indian players. Indian team appeared lackluster from the very beginning and their indifferent attitude worsened the matter. When India was losing against England, I saw Suresh Raina laughing at it. I don't blame him for his attitude , but his laughter appeared to me as a mockery of my passion and of all other cricket fans.

I know I am exaggerating the debacle of Indian team in world cup, and would certainly watch the game in near future. However, one thing has certainly changed for me. Cricket matches are just a thriller tele-serial , no longer a passionate game.

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