Saturday, 13 June 2009

Why be an Atheist?

Why be an atheist? How could one be so sure of something, when everyone around us is not sure about anything, yet searching tirelessly. Why not be an agnostic and play safe? Why go to extremes? Be a jack of both the trades, just as they say,"believe in god , but tie your camel first". Following this line of thought ensures that we are no longer dependent upon that enigmatic concept of "god", yet we protect ourselves against what we don't know. Am I right?

Certainly not, I define my agnosticism as one which doesn't believe in any god and is unsure about the the truths of this world. I cont know , what I don't know, but I know what I see as the God around me is a falsity contrived by the society which has never been sure of anything but has always managed to create venues to base their "principles" on. Being an agnostic to such falsehood, is equivalent to believing in it. Biggest casualty is approach to life, you start to think of life as a planned event organized by some unknown, or believing life to be made of serendipity . Needless to say that all of us experience this contradiction , yet most of us never try to understand the nature of it , rather describe it as an aberration in planner's plan. Come to think of it and you will know that you think so because of your perspective created by people around you , who , most of them, themselves never questioned the way things were around them, and remaining few who got confused in the process opted for the conventional wisdom.

I would not like to be an atheist, I would not like to restrict myself to any fundamental creed. Nevertheless, If being an atheist means shunning the concept of God , as perpetrated by people around me, I would like to call myself an atheist to that extent, but no further.

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