Monday, 8 June 2009

Wonderful Wonder La!

A repetitive yet wonderful phenomenon en route holiday trip is the desire to peek out of the speeding vehicle, musing over the nothingness speeding in front. Sight of verdant and undulating landscapes drive the chain of thoughts. Slowly, the veneer of rationality erodes and an irrational peace sprawls over. Sight of world passing away from you, with haste, seeds a poem into the mind. All of a sudden, world seems to have grown beyond what we thought of it.

Trip to Wonder La wasn’t any exception in the way it started. And it wasn’t any different in the way it surprised me later. Surprise offered was peppered with an excellent breezy weather. Clouds hovered over the sky; however they seemed to be in no mood to come down too soon. Right after we stepped in an impulse of energy took control of us. Going ahead with the plan to go for all the high thrill rides we started with a comparatively milder ride. Our energy level had soared and we were raring to go for other rides. Every next ride that we took , exceeded our expectations and completely enthralled us. It was fun to open your eyes and watch the world go berserk around you. One of rides , which rotated and revolved and rotated and so on .. , off course, certainly drove you insane. Viewing world with all the angles affirmed my belief that world is not completely what we think of it , a lot of it is hidden and unknown to us.

After having successfully , won over most of the rides, the best or worst , as you may think, was reserved for the last one. Just after the ride started , I felt I was going to puke, and yeah, I puked at the next rotation , I saw the puke of lays and Tropicana in front of my eyes, and the next moment they sprawled over my face , and over few other unlucky ones' too. I hoped that the ride would stop, but it didn’t and I puked again. Hmm! Bad experience you may say, but I didn’t mind it much. Rather I enjoyed, of course not the taste.

After cleaning up it was time for wet rides but we were a hungry lot now. We took our lunch and I took care to have it lighter this time around, for no matter how much you enjoy puking, you don’t enjoy its taste. Wet rides appeared to be easier , but not actually. It hit you on your back, front, testicles, tummy, and what not . I guess no part of body was left unscathed. Next to come was wave pool, filled all around with couples. Riding over the wave was fun, jumping over the waves was relaxing. Once in a a while you would mistime the jump and , obviously, wave would gush into to your nose and that wasn't anything enjoyable. But if you got caught with it, you were to be ready for an another gush . There was no relenting sign from the waves. Analogies, generally run the risk of being misplaced, nevertheless , I would state it. Waves are like events in life, You take part in every event, jump with it, but sometime you may mistime it and then your are beaten out, but if you don’t get off after being hit soon enough , you are liable to be hit by another wave of life, the secret is thus to keep jumping and once beaten , getting back up to face next wave of life. Ahh!! Philosophy, thou are present all around me , and I leave no chance to take a refreshing sip of thou.

By the end of the day, paradoxically, we were more enthused, more active. After having a good time , we boarded our cab to head back home. We felt lighter and calmer while returning, as if all the burden , if there were any, has been dropped off and has gone for a ride. I peep put of the vehicle again, roads are dark now, but the world still speeds past me. Ahh! The phenomenon revisits me , and I am sure , it would visit again on my next journey.

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Neeraj said...

kab gaya tha? Winter mein pani garam hota hai kya wahan??? :)