Friday, 4 September 2009

Moments that Change lives.

In claiming that Mahatma Gandhi was the one that got us freedom we undermine the efforts of millions of other nationalistic workers. One can very easily attribute the cause of an effect to the event that occurred last in the long chain of events that constituted the cause like demolition of mighty British empire. A common analogy proposed for my argument goes somewhat this way: when a laborer strikes the rock and its sundered apart in multiple pieces, its not the last blow which alone did it, it was the series of blows which made fine dents into the structure of rock and ultimately led to rock being split into pieces.

We commonly make the mistake of assuming a "flash" of brilliance changing the life of people. Like , Ashoka being turned into a proponent of nonviolence after witness the mass destruction in Kalinga war, or like, Valmiki turned into Sadhu by chanting mara ( opposite of Rama), or that Siddhartha became Gautam Buddha at the sight of dead,diseases and wretched. All of these examples lay the stress on a "stimulating" event that completely overturned the characteristic of man under question. However, its very much misleading. Though, the action of stimulating event cannot be understated, the prior thoughts or events too contributed profoundly towards generating the emotion in the individual( or else he/she could not be expected to realize it , even after the truth flashed in front of him). The underlying point clearly is that , a wrong conception of a "flash" changing our lives pervades across humanity.

People aspire for such "flash" of brilliant moments to arrive to seek their path. But it never comes, it comes only for those who have made an effort towards it. Those moments could be only effective when the underlying factors have been sufficiently understood and learned. And that happens only incrementally. Adding one bit every day and every hour. It grows on being nurtured and then when that moment of brilliance appears our fate gets entwined with that truth.

Thus, what I intend to say is, there doth comes those moments which polarizes a man's thoughts in a fixed direction, but for that he needs to have that view and that develops only incrementally. So if we wish to be lucky, we have to work incrementally , there is no flash without that.

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