Saturday, 26 September 2009

Vested Interests

Vested interests - means a set of rights of enjoyment , or , a group seeking a social system for their personal good. In psychology , vested interests is a method to index the consistency of choices among different groups that represent respectively , high , low and medium vested interests groups.

" Ego-involvement’s main foci are an individual’s attitudes psychologically experienced as being a part of “me”. Ego-involvement has three main components. Value-relevant involvement concerns those behaviors which support/reinforce values of the individual. Impression-relevant involvement relates to those behaviors which serve to create or maintain a specific image of the individual. Outcome-relevant involvement concerns those behaviors which hold direct personal consequences for the individual. Outcome-relevant involvement corresponds most directly to vested interest; that is, those attitude objects with the most important personal consequences will be the objects with the highest levels of vested interest for an individual "

The studies indicate , not surprisingly , that the group with high vested interests have the strongest attitude towards the object, than the other two groups .
Practical life situations are far removed from the intellectual fora. And it is these practical life inconsistencies that pose the biggest problem to mankind. At the best all theories try to find a pattern , but in the due process fail to accommodate the point that the uniformity portrayed by the respective generalization stands too diminished at the face of chaos created by infirmities and inconsistencies.
What I seem to find is that , as Kant and other philosophers say, " man is an end in himself " . And that , is a consistent truth among inconsistencies . Vested interests may differ in it's form , but never missing the central essence that , all big talks are just a mirage , as for that to be true you need a superior being , which by the same definition cannot be , and thus world remains the same chaotic place , with people vulturing out for their vested interests. All that is imperative for us is to maximize our own, personal vested interests, nothing else could be done.

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