Saturday, 26 September 2009

YMI (Yeh Mera India)

Yeh Mera India , is an honest attempt to film a microcosm , of country, of everything that has been at the heart of an Indian . The movie had a similar voice to , Bable, another great flick that showed how different cultures and races are clamoring for a confused set of idea, none too sure . But it's here, that YMI fails. It gets didactic , preachy, opinionated. And , of course , ending is far too much abrupt, unrealistic.

Nevertheless, the serious issues that ate brought forward are worthily put forth. From recalcitrant protesters, causing inconvenience to common public, to Hindu-Muslim conflict, to the abomination for North-Indians in Mumbai, all of them point blankly to something that is wrong in the way country has let them to be. Marxist and killer both find same means for serving their ends. Rich urban class completely apathetic to the cause of poor around them. In a way, movie's strength lies in it's pace and volume of issues that a middle and lower middle class faces. I do not agree with the resolutions , and in particular, to taking in levity the issue of ideals and valuing it as absolute, but certainly as a middle class Indian my frustrations find sufficient space in it. Not-intellectual, but a well directed satire.

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