Sunday, 27 September 2009

A reflection on instinctive choices.

Untangling the rationality behind human choices has always been an intriguing field. Adding my personal reflections to this theory I would like to focus on choices made instinctively in particular .

When, instincts guide the route of decisions , it becomes quite difficult for a formal method to establish a generality, yet, certain phenomenons could found to be widely present. Any choice based on the instinct would draw heavily from it's empirical experience, thereby establishing a hope for an underlying pattern. However, the variety of experiences and their interpretations varies largely from one person to another , and this makes the result not very easy to chase . Nevertheless, it shouldn't deter us completely. One of the most important , underlying, factors influencing the choices made us the ensuing pain or pleasure as a consequence of the act. Even a kid, who once has experienced that putting ones hands in fire causes pain , doesn't repeat that even by his instincts . But, limiting it to pain or pleasure only ,limits it's scope. A human being's choice , besides the ensuing self pleasure or pain could also be the source of others pain or pleasure. And it is here that his personal selfishness be trumped at times for others.
Another point to be made along the same line is that more a person is unsure of his/her future or the ensuing consequences, the more likely is he to base his intuitive reaction to further his pleasure . In the present times, thanks to everyone, uncertainties have grown enough to make a person unsure and skeptic of his future. And thus his decisions / instinctive decision is largely pleasure seeking .
What are its implications? Decisions , in particular, intuitive choices tend to be highly irrational , and serves to worsen the effect rather than helping it. Insistence on happiness alone and uncertainties of futuristic effects are the primary culprits over here. But , can they be thwarted in their attempt to mar the rationality of choices? This question looms large on me for now, an attempt has to be made to understand the inner facts and mistaken assumptions. If you have any suggestive insight on the same issue please highlight them.

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