Tuesday, 25 August 2009

Who works the hardest?

Who works hardest? Businessman, researcher,bureaucrat,politician,daily wage labor,office workers. Who does ? How do you characterize hard work? I recall over here , Mark Twain's Tom Sawyer and his painting of fence, where he posits, "Work consists of whatever one is obliged to do and play consists of whatever one isn't ". For determining comparative "hard" nature of the work, we should only compare "work "only, which is one that one is obliged to do. Considering this, I am sure we can keep out some obvious hard working group members, like say, Pete Sampras,Federer,Sachin,Michael Jackson,Amartya Sen,George Bush and many many more such people.

They don't work , they play , rest work and among them the fight is on for the class of hardest working. In order to do that , first we have to separate means from its ends, as we are concerned over here with the excruciating nature of the process and not the benefits accrued by the ends. However, each of these latter group of workers, work with a focus or aim, which is wide apart of the immediate work they are doing.In other words, their main aim doesn't relate directly to their work, but rather to something outside it. Hence in order to identify the gruesomeness of the process we will have to compensate with the relevance and quality of the end product to some extent . But lets look at t the process first.

Broadly , there are three class of workers, based on what they use the more, physical or mental capacity.

  • Physical capacity workers -consists of daily wage laborer, peddlers, hawkers, newspaper vendor, etc. They claim reimbursement mainly for their manual effort employed in the work.
  • Mental Capacity workers- consists primarily of academicians,researchers,writers,business analysts,software engineers and almost all blue-collared jobs.
  • Physico-mental Capacity- consists mainly of businessmen, agents,Engineers (civil and mechanical) and all such people whose basic task is to get things working, in whichever way possible.
It will be difficult to compare mental and muscle capacity, yet in order to measure the "hardness" of work, we can place greater value on muscle (as a socialist) , although mind would score well speaking as a capitalist. The obvious choice or group, is the first one in this manner, followed by the third one and second in descending order. To add weight ti its claim, we find that the returns for this class of workers are bare survival or existence, and thus they go on to manage their existence. Even when we compare the returns we find that the other two classes enjoy huge returns , third group in particular.

I think thus,I have the answer. Its the first group people who work the hardest,and this result is further corroborated by the fact that the poorest countries of the world, work hardest, to acquire at least the bare minimum returns for survival.

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