Monday, 3 August 2009

When I met Hitler

When sleep overtakes, mind comes into action, of altogether different kind and under some spell of its own creation. Ideas, hope, joy, sorrow all start rushing through incoherently. But the dust settles soon and contrived plot begins to unfold. Who created that for me ? They all seem to foster their own creation, their own growth.

I am in Berlin now, working with my friends, in the field. Its harvest time and I have managed to get a bumper crop this year, which would be followed by bumper cash in no time. There have been several plans chalked out for the coming harvest period. Buying a new house, new clothes for everyone, jeweleries for mother, which she had to sell out last year due to drought. There were hardships nevertheless at present, torn clothes, leaking roof, yet as we were together, it didn't smite us strongly enough. My brother was lying in the arms of my mother, he was just too beautiful a baby. Large bubbly eyes, dark eyelashes, lanky fingers. While I was lost in the prospect of a beautiful future, heavy roar raised in the near distance. Jeeps filled with armed men came screeching towards us. Dust engulfed the entire scene, but darker was the fear raised within our hearts. We trembled.

In no time, three corpulent man, unloaded off the jeep and rushed towards me, shouting commands at the top of their voice. "Lie down! Put your hands back!", they shouted. I fell prostrate on the ground confused of the events. They came to me and picked me up, tied my hands and dragged me , "What's the matter ? What have I done? Who are you ?", I fired questions out of confusion. But they seemed to be in no mood to answer. I struggled to get free , when all of a sudden the man with baton in his hand, flashed it at me and said, "No questions for now, just know that you have been sought by Hitler".

Hitler! did I hear it right? He has long been dead, where am I , I was resident of India and there had been no Hitler here, I closed my eyes and reopened, I was in India, they were Indian police men around me. I thought I was in Berlin. In any case, who is this Hitler?

But the policemen had changed , they were much less corpulent and bulky now. My field was no longer around me, instead a roof top filled with technical gadgets laid around. I rushed towards the edge, freeing myself of the police men arms. It was too high, a deep bay laid on the edge. Turning sideways my eyes locked with the friends looking into that deep bay . They too were filled with the same questions, when all of a sudden a tall , burly man appeared behind him with a sharp razor in his hand. "Jump! " I retorted. He did jump , however ,only after his throat was slit.

I cowered with fear, petrified, I fell back on the floor. And then I heard the sound of the boots bashing on the floor. I raised my head, a short stout man stood in front." Who are you ?" I whined. Why are you killing us? What the hell is your authority ? Dont you fear law or god?

He smirked and bent down to my face. "I am Hitler. No, don't be surprised. If you seem to think that with death of a Nazi Hitler, idea of HITLER could be killed, then you are wrong . You can kill the man , but not the idea. Our idea was always stronger, always desirable. In the pursuit of betterment of civilization , some people have to exhumed at the cost of others, and this is what I do, this is what Hitler has been . I am powered by nature to exterminate the undesirable weeds of filthy human beings born out of trash. One race has to always decimate the other one, to maintain their pride.Lines of division may change , but it will always be "us" against "them". Unfortunately you belong to "them", the feeble , weaker, filthier category. Turn around your thought and look with clear eyes, all the shouts of freedom are nothing more than an extended pursuit of the vested interests. I do not carry that sham. I have been only fighting for my race, the race of rich and intelligent. It is us who are supposed to be at the helm always, you laborers deserve to be crushed at best. You have few minutes to death, take a good look at me , and wish that you were reborn to our race , the race of superior beings of rich and intellectual, else, this cycle would always have short term. Hitler never died, and it will never die, you and your ilk will".

I could see the end now, very soon all of my ilk would be abolished, I would just leave earlier. This fault lay not with my "labor" capacity, but with my incapacity to be rich or intelligent. This Hitler stood in front of me , now in this life who I hate so much now,he didn't seem to be wrong however, as I ruminated over those invidious words. I dont want to be born poor or unintellectual. However, before I could think for long, I was pushed over to death.

I woke up , saw around me , I was in Bangalore, sighing, I got up , to accomplish what my master has commanded us individuals to. Which master ? Hitler , of course.

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