Tuesday, 25 August 2009

Indian Frustration.

I was going through a bunch of pics sent by my friend in Canada. Velvety roads, smoother than a damsel's cheeks, bastions created over riversides. How I wish to live at such a place! But here I languish In India. A land that will never provide me with those serenic beauty , maintained with utmost care. Howsoever, I long , I know , I wont get it.

The obvious question for me is to create it, but I ask myself, whether I will be ever able to create that. Haven't there been so many lucky one's born in affluence who will never have to worry about that question of creation, they own it , by virtue of birth and chromosomal luck. I belong to this land , over here, which I don't know for sure is, how much mine. Haven's I heard that phrase , "Ask not what your country could do for you, but what you could do for your country", but how can I do anything If I don't know what benefit is to accrue out of that effort.

However, at any level of thought, I am Indian. I have born Indian and never ever thought myself separate from it. My country, this country, is moving on path of rapid progress, taking giant strides, but I will never get that world. I know that for sure.

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