Monday, 10 August 2009


I love new things. New dress, New friends,New place,New books,New work, you name it. There is something unique about new things. When my day starts with a new cloth on, I feel the joy of a newborn. When I meet new friends the intrigue of knowing him/her is just too exciting. A new place offers an excitement of discovery at each step,and new books promise the manifestation of an another truth , perhaps another tactile truth.

However, in order to experience the joy of new , I need to get bored of old. Thankfully, I don't have to make too much effort for that . Its easy to get bored. Just take things at their face value, a value, attributed by conventional wisdom, by defaults , and boredom follows.
My shirt, prim and starched, looses its vigor, and then it no longer entices me. My friends, get too trite with time , for they have nothing different to talk about,a visited place exhausts its surprises. And then its nothing more than , just an another piece of land.A book once read, looses the charisma of promise hidden within to considerable extent. I no longer get lured by it and look for something else.

What is the period during which that thing is neither new nor old. Neither too dear nor too abhorrent. And what is the point at which it ceases to be tolerable any more. Boredom gives vigor to newness and newness paves way for boredom. They both work together.


Preeti said...

How very true!! Actually the excitement and vigor is because we are dwelling in an unknown. The things are still masqueraded, people are still behind veils and objects still obscure.

With time this abysm is filled the vacuole disappears and so does enthusiasm!!!

Though small but I liked this piece a lot.

Siddharth said...

Right! But there is more than meets the eye. We start learning about a thing, based on our existing framework of conceptions, prejudices and biases. Although new, the things in themselves do not have that what makes it endearing. It lies in our own conception of it. And when we discover that the underlying object no longer satisfies our intrigue, we start considering that as trite.
However, I am not sure what it exactly is, which this frenzy for NEW things , feeds upon. Hmm!! Food for thought.