Sunday, 24 October 2010

The palette of heaven

How did the sky color itself in blood today!
Look there in west, its orange,crimson and other ruddy ways.

One could none but wonder at this palette of heaven,
Whites in bunch, blue in abundance and red sprinkled uneven.

That crown of king shines crimson red,
And follows its procession behind, bathed in white drape.

Glorious is the beautiful sprawl of orange flavor up there,
one could not help but gaze at those shaded bundle of uneven clouds,
shaded in red glare.

Such is the sprawl of red in the sky,
That I sit back and wonder whether gods had a fray.

Amidst the clouds, sparkles that star in north,
Shining as the bindi of the bridal sky in mirth.

And there in south, a milky disc lurks through the cloudy steam,
Dear moon seems restless, to be part of the scene.
And so it does in style, sprawling its beauteous smile in full gleam.

As the cool winter breeze wafts through this hall,
Curtains are drawn to the Sun glow withal.
And a human soul could only but wonder at this heavenly game of rise and fall.

This wonderful meeting of two phases of the day,
drenches a loving heart and makes it gay!

It would be dark soon, and red and white would disappear,
And will be left behind the bed of stars and gleaming moon dear!

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