Monday, 4 October 2010

An anger

 Why is it that a person must be an achiever to prove himself? Why shall I be defined by what I have achieved? Is it all worth  it? What have the achievers done so different for the mankind?

I am just a boy willing to live merrily , with peace in this world. Why should I prove my presence with an achievement? Why should I have a goal in order to portray myself as a worthy being?  What shall be my worth anyway? My worth isn’t more than  216ft. cube of  land. Till that day arrives can’t this world allow my soul to roam about in hope and peace and hearth?

        I am the centre of the universe. All the creation and destruction started from me. I am the centre of all purpose. I am the one for whom this earth was made, I am the one for whom this life was created. The moment I draw my last breath, all of it will cease to exist. Then there will be no day, no night. No truth no lies. No victory and no loss. No relatives, no friends, no foes, no beauty, no ugliness. It will just be a silence, a silence that will be deafening to knock one’s brains off, but I will not hear it. I will just be that silence. So let me live, O! People of the world. Let me live to breathe the air, to smell the fragrance of flowers, to pass through the road of life, to bear the heat, pain, joy and the ultimate merry of being a person who is drawing breath in and out.

            You want me to find an aim; I know that. I know you are not going to spare my soul. You will smear it with your ugly laws and desires to cast it into the patterns of society. You will smother it to bear your whims and caprices. I know I don’t stand a chance in front of you. But you can’t bind my soul, it is as free as that air which can’t be stopped from flowing, as free as that river which will always flow its course. I don’t seek your blessings disguised in the desire to enslave my soul. I am me. Let me be it. Please!

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