Saturday, 23 October 2010

To Him!

And this is another Sunrise,
Not yet the morning bright.

The darkness of night  defeated,
But darkness of dreams stays bright.

There perhaps is no meaning of this day-birth today,
There had been no meaning since the Time had had its sway.

To kill Time, I pen my words,
But, to kill the Self, no sword has been cast yet.

For only when this constricted self departs,
Will there be the birth of Universal Man.


In others does the meaning lie?
In others is the glory?

Of what use is the fickle thing,
It's as evil and gory.

This tendency I have to justify my days,
But where is that judge that shall listen to what I say.

There watcheth me my Lord, in despair and condescension ,
That my self remains so mired deep in my own convolutions.

Thus, the day I could judge myself ,
My days would be bright and clear.
For then the brightness will be in me, and not in the morning dear!

To what end shall I move?
This question itself is the end of mine.

To what end has anyone moved?
I seek to know, but I couldn't find.

To my love of life, I owe all that I have learnt,
But that love in me is amiss ,making me sore and blunt.

The love that should lie in me in full glory,
Instead turns ugly and make me sad and sorry.

Perhaps to be sad and sorry is human destiny,
Shall I not bear it with pride and meet my destiny.

The path ahead is darker than ever,
But it had been so since time long.
The path ahead is bleaker and unclear,
But so had it been since times unknown.


Tell me O lord! Where do thou stay?
Let me have a word of answer for my despondent days.

For I heard you reside in me,
But I hear no voice.
For I hear you work from within,
But I feel not your hands.

Bring me , O Mighty! to your understanding,
Bring me ,O Mighty! to your strength.

If thou ar't in me, let that manifest in me,
If thou are the One, let that be me!

Care what do I of world and its glories,
But if you are too are unfound, what do I have in my quarry.

Show me yourself, when you have the sway,
Show me yourself and make my life gay.

I fear not the pain that would bring me to you,
I fear your indifference to me right through.

Let me discover you within,
And let me sleep, content, in your lap.
Let me drink the nectar,
And rejoice in your fold.

Thou are to be in all I say,
And be the steps I take!
I am one with you O lord!
Don't let me alone!
I am one with you O lord!
Don't remain so unknown .

As this somnolent morning draws
Me to sleep.
Stay with me O lord! while I waft in your dream.

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Overwhelming !!