Thursday, 16 July 2009

An unfinishsed drama. Act I

It was going to be an excruciating affair, watching things from so close. I had been at the helm earlier, but this time I was the spectator, which made it disconcerting for me.

It was to start from the garden, and then lead through the different area of building. In the garden two men sat on the bench , sprawling their legs on the lush lawn underneath. They seemed to be lost in their thoughts when suddenly a lady, slim and slender, in her youth, came in, blithely, oblivious of the quietude prevailing.

The two men , having been robbed off their solitude so casually, rose in anger, only to be melt at the sight of her. Heat of anger melted the wax of heart and the liquid seeped in their soul. It froze within their soul, and so did the moment around them. But the lady, oblivious of the tumult of the poor souls around her, flit though the garden. Jumping over the lawn, running through the pavement and picking up the daisies on the side walk, splashing the placid stream lying in peace.A song emanated from her heart and she danced on that tune. She was beautiful , she was mine. All of a sudden she turned around, looking in my direction , as if she saw me, yet I knew that she can't, with a cursory glance, she moved in other direction ,with a faint smile sprawled over her lips.

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