Thursday, 9 July 2009

Birth & Re-Birth

And I accepted another birth. Squirming, wriggling , and dying to get going. The stream in front giggled over the pebbles , which shone though the light that filtered through the thin layer of stream. Across the river, there was dense vegetation , verdant and lush. I sprinted towards the other shore, one jump was all it took. However, as I landed, darkness loomed over the area, lush vegetation had turned to dark logs. Bewildered, I turned around, only to find the other shore , as desolate as ever.

My claim to life was due, it had to be affirmed by the human in me.However, when darkness drenches the horizon, one can only be left wondering. Not me,however. I was freshly born , unencumbered with the conventional wisdom. I closed my eyes, and shut off the sensation of sight. It was no longer dark, darkness had no meaning now. As I moved further, assisted by my senses, I ran into dark objects, but they didn't deter me , for I couldn't see them. They were all same to me, symptomatic of objects, neither good nor bad.

I walked for , I don't know how long; there was no time. It seemed to be long since I started and yet it was just as near to me as the engraving on my mind. Suddenly , the clamor of surrounding overgrew the silence within. It was disturbing to an infant. How can he cope with it. It worsened. I was the source of common anger. I was the harbinger of change, a change that locked its horns with stasis. I represented something I didn't understand, yet I was never separate from it. Subject and object had colluded and now there was none. An arrogant person threw coconut on my head, and naturally it blasted into two. I stood unmoved, for I didn't know what was on. People around me clapped, there was jubilation all around.

I was unmoved, undeterred, for I was never challenged. My head became the slab for breaking coconut shells, it fell apart on my head, and I sensed a liquid down my nose. It moved into my mouth and I sensed "hunger", it grew, unfettered, unbound. It drove me mad. I needed more of it , my hunger killed me, it drove me down. I sought the public to use me for their fun and give me in turn the "liquid" that I wanted so much now. Laughter turned louder, clamor grew bigger, and the liquid poured faster. I drank it ; kept drinking it. And suddenly there was a deluge of the "liquid". I couldn't swallow it all and I puked. Clamor died down at once, laughter ceased. It was all silent again.I was losing all my senses and out of fear, I opened my eyes. It was still dark all around.

Instinctively I shut them back at once and shed my breath.

"Do you seek re-birth?", a faint voice echoed. I obliged, and here I was once again.
Stream gurgled and I could see the verdant landscape on the other side. I took a jump ....

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