Wednesday, 29 July 2009

This aimless day moves on ...

As the day passes, silence overgrows the pace and chaos around. I feel the eyelids to be a lot heavier, yet not willing to get lost in sleep. In the pursuit of the meaning and aim , I find none , and the more I try to define , the more it undefines itself. An ever simmering desire to excel in what I do , smolders within, however, never hot enough to lead me.

What I see around me, is a sense of compliance with mediocrity, the kind which people have surrendered their whole life to. I am put into this cauldron of mediocrity and wish for excellence. What is the aim of a middle class working person like me ? To marry, to earn, to reproduce, all the while , never understanding what they mean. Earn . Earn what? What does earning mean? Marry . For what ? What is the purpose of marriage , besides trying to enforce a social order? A default is always at hand , never necessitating the involvement of one's mind.Middle class of a nation decides the prosperity gradient of a country, certainly it does, but only in terms of economy, where is the thought process? Its too conspicuously absent. A mere growth in terms of cash doesn't provide a meaning to life, it starts from an individual, his growth , but that is never discussed.

If instead of asking these questions, I could serve to make this realization possible , wouldn't that be a credible achievement beyond immediate material and kind gains? Where does one start from , and what is his goal? Too difficult to substantiate the claims , but this isn't too good an excuse for the same. Do what you like, but how do you do, when the the whole world seems to have contrived to not let you do it. Probably the cinders have turned too cold to warrant any action, too desire less to work.

Just the other day , a friend of mine remarked with utter sincerity. " One should know his/her limits of achievement,If he is a mediocre, he should chose those ways and go on."
At the first sight , he seemed to me to be a practical person, doling out a practical advise, the advise which works, which could be substantiated.However , I took another look at his words. "Limits of achievement"; its too simplifying a statement. How could the limit of achievement be stated, its the basic premise on which life moves, and moves a person. Achievement lies not completely in being at specified places, but in being what you though you would be. One can never underachieve, he will achieve what his worth is, how he views it and how others respect it , decides its social worth. Nevertheless, what one does with sincere devotion to what he is doing , cant go unnoticed by the society , which panders to such images of greatness and parasitically tries to gain from it. What are we ? A parasite ? or a doer? Our actions defines what we are and what we have been.

As I write this my eyes get puffed up with tiredness, but why am I tired? Not because I overdid my work, but because I am not my work.The day I find the work , where my work and me are the same , I will never be tired. Till then , nothing else seems worthy , except the silent snores of a peaceful overnight journey of dreams.

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vidya said...

everything that exist on earth works on a set of rules , the blowing of wind , the waves in the ocean , the beating of heart , every activity birth , death ,moreover earth itself enforces the rule on itself to revolve round the sun . :)

How do you wish to be so absolutely unbound ? ;)

Well ,the thoughts put forth is conducive to conduct a good debate !

drowned in pandemonium of my own thoughts at the moment , few things that I pen down here ,

If not for some social order that is left , I guess the world would be chaos and much of it because of interdependency of human race which is inevitable.

Do what you like, but how do you do, when the the whole world seems to have contrived to not let you do it - I consider this to be a lame thought :(

I do not believe action alone can define what we are .I believe it is the thought that
appeals ,in every action,and not the action itself that defines what we are .