Monday, 2 March 2009

On a nostalgic note.

Next song popped up on my lappy. I knew the song, It has been long since I had listened to this song. "Hum to hain pardes mein, Desh mein nikla hoga chaand". Nostalgia overtook me, in a flash.

Images conjured up to my mind. I am lying on a chowki , all alone, bathed in milky moonlight. May be I am not all alone , I am accompanied by the moon and the serenity surrounding me. Gentle breeze sways over my sweaty body and sweeps all my worries.

Night bugs twitter and frogs croak , creating a symphony. In the near distance people gossip of the day gone.What have I to talk about . Nothing . There isn't anything to loose , nothing to win . The whole universe lies in me now , at this moment. At this thought a star winks at me , agreeing with me. The silence surrounding me is deafening, broken intermittently by the undulating drone of the genset working far away . I get up and look around me , its all awash with moonlight. So much so that it drips off the leaf's edge in the near distance. Breeze now beats against my heart , soothing it as it passes through it.

Ah ! these coy memories make me home sick. Wish those days could come again. Sadly they never do. I wonder if I could get that comfort for anything today? The pace of world in which we live , the urgency and the hurry of moving forward that we have makes us forget what is already there . If science and technology has changed the world in such a tremendous way , where has it lead to . It will always remain a question . Development at what cost ? Who knows ? Till someone answers that , I can only be nostalgic and crave for those times .

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